Becoming a LEED Green Associate

I am proud to announce that I have recently been awarded the LEED Green Associate credential by the Green Building Certification Institute.  This credential reflects that I have “demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the green building practices and principles needed to support the use of the the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System.™” I also earned the right to display the LEED Green Associate certification badge (see below, and on the right sidebar).


Earning this credential entailed an intensive preparation course, hours of self-study following the course, and the successful completion of a computerized examination on sustainable building practices and the application of the LEED system. I learned a great deal during this process. I would like to thank Greg Hamra of the Everblue training institute, not only for preparing me to successfully pass the exam, but for making the experience fun and informative. I strongly encourage all of you to pursue this credential.



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